Friday, May 29, 2009

New European consortium for Antarctic Drilling

EuroANDRILL is a new initiative to increase participation of European countries in the ANtarctic Geological DRILLing Program. For more information visit the EuroANDRILL web address at

Two articles in Nature on instability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Two articles in the March 19 issue of Nature address the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. One study by Naish et al., reports on Pliocene collapse and obliquity forcing from an ANDRILL sediment core. The other paper is a modeling study by Pollard and DeConto in which they utilize an ice-sheet model with a novel iceshelf module to reconstruct Antarctic Ice Sheet dynamics for the past 5 million years. The First paragraphs of both articles can be read here:
Naish et al.
Pollard and DeConto